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Straight Ahead® Deer Drag

Straight Ahead® Deer Drag

Straight Ahead

  • $39.99

​The Straight Ahead®Deer Drag is a well designed drag that allows transport of your kill, regardless if the deer is a doe or a mature buck. Whether you are using the steel eye bolt to hook into your harness, drag behind your ATV, or attach to your hanger it will stay secure. The thick nylon thread and 1 1/2 inch webbing allows maximum dragging and hanging capacity

What sets this product apart from others is the creative funnel design that slides on the nose of the deer preventing the deer's nose from dragging in the dirt, getting hung up on brush, stuck over logs and debris. Just like the name says... your deer will follow directly behind you, pull straight ahead, and keep that monster rack from getting beat up. You will feel confident knowing that you have complete control of the deer's head and what direction you are dragging it out, all while being hands-free. Two in one design: dragging your deer out with ease and hanging it up to wash and air all while using the same drag!

The Straight Ahead®Deer Drag was designed by Dennis Noldner. Dennis and his wife Lou Ann are the owners of Straight Ahead® Products LLC. Thank you for visiting our site. Please check out our pictures and videos for further explanation.

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