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Pendulum Bow Sight Series 2000

Pendulum Bow Sight Series 2000


  • $50.00
  • Save $25

  • Use a single sighting pin to eliminate all confusion associated with multi-pin sights–no guessing distance, tree stand height or arrow speed (Equipped with two secondary pins for shots beyond 30 yards)
  • All metal construction–rigid, hunter tough
  • Six pendulum locking positions–for use in storage and multiple yardage at ground level shooting
  • KryptoNight® sight pins allow archer to control brightness of pin in low-light situations.
  • Removable, battery-powered LED
  • Soft-mount kit supplied to eliminate vibration from bow before it enters sight bracket
  • Offset sight mounting bracket with three mounting locations to accomodate installation on any bow
  • Offset quiver bracket
  • Made in the U S A

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